Navigate directly to paragraph or block with Quick switcher

Use case or problem

Having longer notes with several paragraphs and sections, it is at the moment, possible to navigate directly to explicit section only by through creating an internal link with reference to paragraph or block and then following the link created. This is sometimes unnecessary extra step that does not create additional value.

Proposed solution

It would be more productive to be able to navigate directly to an explicit paragraph or block section by using Quick switcher with similar type of referencing style as with inline links.


@kldx Cool idea! Perhaps similar to the existing [[^^ syntax followed by typing text to search the entire vault for a block to create a link to, this feature could let the quick switcher respond to ^^ then typed text in the same fashion, but instead , like you said, simply navigate to it.

You probably are already aware, but if not, as a workaround you could use search with the line:() syntax, typing the text from the desired block inside the parentheses. If you wanted to automate things a bit, you could use AutoHotkey or something similar to setup a simple macro to press the hotkey to open the search pane and then type line:() then move the cursor within the parentheses in preparation for typing your desired block text. Regardless, I like your idea. Something tells me there is already a way to do this, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a much better suggestion from someone else. Good luck!