Navigate back - goes to wrong note

Steps to reproduce

In edit mode, ctrl click a link to a note that has not been created yet.

Expected result

I expect my “navigate back” shortcut (set as alt+ <-) to bring me to previous note.

Actual result

It brings me to the wrong note, but usually one I was recently at.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.8.4

Additional information

When I ctrl click the link, I can already tell whether the back function will work properly. Often when it jitters a tiny bit as note is created, it will return me to the wrong note when navigating back. Thanks for all of your help.

I can’t repro. Let me know if you still have this problem with 0.8.5. and attach a video/gif.

I just have a commercial license so only have access to v0.8.4 but am going to sign up for insider builds now. I keep my computer running obsidian offline but will create and post video as soon as possible.

I should also note that my vault has hundreds of folders, thousands of notes, and probably many many thousands of links. Also I am running in 4K and often have local graphs open, although I did have this issue back in 0.8.2 before local graphs.

Thanks for the reply.

thank you

I uploaded one a few minutes ago and realized I cut it off before the graph view had updated, which may have confused you. Here is a better version: (3.6 MB)

I forgot to mention that during the times that the navigate back doesn’t work, it will not go anywhere the first attempt, then go to the wrong place on the second attempt, as you can see/hear in the video.

As I was just analyzing video, I realized that I had ctrl double clicked link, which I find is sometimes required in order to get a new link note to be created. I may have inadvertently done this in the heat of recording my screen. Not sure if that affects anything. I am sure that I do get this same bug without having done that, so assume it is unrelated. This happens probably once every 7 or 8 tries. In this video it happened on try number 5. Thanks again.

Thanks for the video. I tried to mimic you setup but still can’t reproduce. If you still have this problem in 0.8.5 send another message and we will look more into it

I see that 0.8.5 has a new “reveal in file explorer” and “search note name” capabilities, which are very attractive, in addition to potentially fixing this bug.

What I am concerned about, is whether using an insider build will disqualify me from the rights to use Obsidian for commercial purposes that come with the commercial license I purchased. Any information concerning this, would be greatly appreciated. I will also check the website and terms of service, but figured I’d ask. Thanks.

I can repro pretty consistently if I use CPU slowdown. This seems to be caused by the double clicking. Normally at full CPU speed, I was unable to double click fast enough to trigger this.

What seems to be happening here is that the double click caused the open action to be triggered twice, which is pushing the new file twice to the history stack, thus after the click the navigation history looks like this:
["first existing", "new", "new (currently on this one)"]

Then when you navigate back the first time, it seems to do nothing because it’s on the same file:
["first existing", "new (currently on this one)", "new"]

I think this issue relates to quite a few other issues that are due to either insufficient computer spec, or slow hard disk (or even network drive). The main issue here is that we don’t prevent user-actions from triggering twice when the first one hasn’t “finished”.

I will come back to this one a bit later since I’ll have to make a fix that works for all related issues which is a bit large.

In the meantime, as a workaround, please try to click just once, or at least double click a little slower… Hopefully that gives the machine enough time to respond before issuing another command.

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oh I didn’t notice from the video. @I-d-as is doing alt-back twice.

Very cool! Glad to hear this, and thanks for the work around! The workaround is working great. A lot of times, still for some reason, it has trouble with creating only certain links. In those cases, I find that moving to the next link for creation and returning to the problem link often works in addition to sticking to the ctrl single click. Because oftentimes even doing a slow double click causes this issue, albeit less frequently. Thanks again for this response. It has made my workflow much smoother and enjoyable.

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You can use insider build for commercial purposes with a commercial license, that’s totally fine. Will clarify that in EULA going forward.

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is this fixed?

To be honest, once I discovered the alt enter shortcut, I have never looked back. I would say it is fixed in that I haven’t had the issue arise. But I was also doing so much more rapid note creation back then, so it is hard to say for sure until I attempt to recreate those conditions.

Sorry for essentially giving you a non answer, but I wanted to respond. I will do some testing trying to intentionally cause this, and get back to you ASAP.


I finally did some testing.

In a normally sized vault I was unable to reproduce. However in some of my rather large vaults, I was still able to reproduce this.

However, even in those large vaults, when using my “Follow link under cursor” hotkey to open links to not yet created notes, then immediately navigating back, everything works perfectly. Fortunately, I actually prefer this method over ctrl clicking, so the issue doesn’t bother me at all.

Thanks for following up. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.