Native Asciidoc support

I have seen this as a plugin suggestion, but I’m not really certain a plugin would be the right way to solve this, so I will make it a core request (please forgive me if you already filter the plugin requests for core functionality ideas)

Obsidian is a wonderful tool, but Markdown has its flaws, and it is pretty hard to ‘downgrade’ to Markdown when in other areas of your writing you are obliged to use Asciidoc.

I already own a commercial licence, but that is a feature I would pay an upgrade for, simply because it would make my life much easier.

As far as I know, there is currently no real workaround - my method of writing Asciidoc anyway has taken a bit of a hit with the new Live Preview, so I had to go back to the legacy editor.


+1 I’d like native asciidoc support as well, and to keep this request cohesive, this is the plug-in suggestion mentioned: AsciiDoc Support. Regardless of category, there’s interest.