My vault not showing after linking a new device - SOLVED

Hi everyone,

I’ve got myself into a bit of a muddle after linking a new device. I had one laptop with my Vault sitting in a dropbox folder (encrypted via cryptomator). I connected a second laptop to Dropbox, installed Obsidian (and cryptomator) and pointed it to the same folder.

On opening, in the second laptop, all that showed up was Today’s Note. Then when I went back to my original laptop, it is also showing only Today’s Note.

The vault folder is backed up so I haven’t lost it, it is just not showing up.

Edit: I solved it myself, so I’ll leave this here in case anyone else has the same trouble.

I went into my Obsidian folder, opened the .obsidian folder and had a look around. Noticed there was a workspace.json file, as well as a workspace(1).json file.

Ammended the workspace(1).json file with test- in front of it, and opened Obsidian again. This time it opened normally, only my Recent Files list had changed to show only the Daily Note. I then removed the ammended file from the folder, and no difference.

I then checked with the second other laptop, it had the same workspace(1).json file in it, and did the same with the same results.

So all good. Good luck to anyone else that has the same issue, hope this helps :+1:

Hi Mods please mark this as solved. Can’t see how to do it anywhere :face_exhaling:

Edit: found it here lol :grin:

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