My tag gets cut off!

What I’m trying to do

I try to make the tag #question but every time I try to write it out in a note it cuts off after #qu, makes that the tag and the rest of the word comes out in normal text. The tag #qu does not come up in the list of tags when i type a hashtag so it does not seem created before. And even if it was created I should be able to create another tag beginning with the same letters right? I can create other tags just fine.

Things I have tried

Create other tags. Look for a solution online.

I can create other tags beginning with #qu, but as soon as I write the “e” as in the next letter in question, it cuts off.

Strange behavior, indeed!

Can you try in the Sandbox vault to see what happens there? Other troubleshooting steps to go through are here: About the Bug reports category - #11 by system

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