My notes are amazing and they are all mine!

I’m new to Obsidian and currently hyper-motivated to write notes. I even converted my highlights from my Kindle to markdown files to import them to Obsidian.

The first highlight that caught my attention was from this blog post I read in 2019: Everything is Amazing, But Nothing is Ours

Then I realized that the quotes I highlighted back then apply perfectly to Obsidian:

Product teams who go out of their way to give us real, tangible objects we feel that we can own will find a great deal of success.


But I’d love to see more teams embrace the idea that less friction isn’t always best. If the current trend of technology is sweeping us in a direction of “everything is amazing, but nothing is ours”, Technology that’s Actually Yours could be the next great counter-trend.

Yes, there was some friction to set up Obsidian and to sync on two Linux desktops and two Android devices. It also took a while to get to know Obsidian and to choose the plugins I need. But it was worth it. I cannot remember the last time that a software gave me this feeling that it’s all mine. It’s a virtous cycle: I love using it because I feel a strong sense of ownership. Then it grows and becomes even more “mine”. Then I’ll use it even more.

I don’t know if the developers of Obsidian ever read this article. But they certainly built a software that makes you feel in control - instead of the software controlling you.


I agree wholeheartedly. You’ve phrased my thoughts in words that I couldn’t come up with myself.

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