My first 24 hours with Obsidian

I had tried Obsidian before this year and couldn’t get the hang of it - but after watching a video yesterday it finally clicked and I started putting a vault together.

Over the source of last night and today I started creating The Obsidian Garden: GitHub - tanepiper/obsidian-garden: A garden to grow your ideas in

It’s my take on a knowledge management system based on things I’ve picked up before, and on here while reading through posts - it’s not very deep and is really more just an experiment in trying to see how I could create one.

It requires some plugins, especially Dataview - but after installing I have some templates and folder structures set up, some dashboard pages and a dynamic README that can become a home dashboard.

I’ve also included some documentation on how I went about setting things up - in the end, I see it as a good learning exercise for myself and others who have maybe struggled to get in to this style of note-taking.

Would love to get some feedback and suggestions.