My first 100 days in Obsidian as tool for my PKM system

I started using Obsidian early July, and somewhere in late October passed the 100 day mark. I’ve described my use of Obsidian within my PKM system, and how it has replaced my use of the Things task management tool, as well as Evernote. It’s in six parts, so I’m just leaving it here as reference:

Part 1 my PKM system and how Obsidian has become a key tool supporting it over the course of three months

Part2 Hierarchy and Logs
Part 3 Task management
Part 4 Writing connected Notions, Ideas, and Notes
Part 5 Flow w Workspaces
Part 6 Obsidian’s direction of development vs my preferred use

I’d be interested in pointers to descriptions of other people’s systems and routines.


thanks to share your pkm , ton! great article

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This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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