Mutliple Publish Sites from single vault

Does anyone have experience in publishing to multiple accounts from a single vault?

ie: How can I prevent wrong files (not intended for one site) to be published - because they all have the same attribute publish: true?

I’ve not published sites, but I’ve got an idea on how to handle this:

  • have another field describing where this particular note sold be published to, let’s call this sites
  • then before you publish you run a script which does two thing:
    • check whether the new site is included in sites, and change publish to true
    • if publish is already true, check if the new site to publish to is still within sites, and if not change publish to false

I’ve found the best way (for my use case) to be:

  1. Gather the new site content into a folder in your main vault
  2. Open that folder ‘as a new vault’
  3. Setup the new site to be published within this limited new vault
  4. Be careful from which vault to which site you publish.
  5. Don’t worry about syncing the new vault (because it is already a part of your existing larger vault) - it will sync automatically with your existing system.

Any other method I tried proved to be faltering at some point. This one is not perfect either, but imo it less prone to mix-ups and errors.

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