Multiple vaults in one git repository

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to sync multiple vaults in one gitHub repository using the obsidian git plugin. My goal is to make each of my obsidian vaults an individual folder in one repository named “Obsidian”.

I already have a gitHub account. Each of my vaults is a folder on my computer with path User/me/Desktop/Vault. My synced vaults have all been removed from gitHub so I can start fresh without worrying about conflicts.

Are there any steps I can take to simply make a new repository named “Obsidian”, place each of my vaults in it as a folder, and be able to open a folder in the repository as an Obsidian vault?

Things I have tried

First, I used obsidian to sync one vault with gitHub. I realized that for my purposes it would be much easier to have all my obsidian vaults in one gitHub repository, but when I tried to sync multiple vaults, they all created individual repositories, and I haven’t found a way to merge them without creating conflicts in settings that I have set up for each vault. I’ve removed all my vaults from gitHub and gone back to local so I have a clean slate when I attempt to sync multiple vaults in one repository.

Just do it? I mean a vault is a folder where most of the files and folders are your content, and everything under the .obsidian folder is related to setup, plugins and configuration.

The two things I would bear in mind are firstly that you make sure your .git folder isn’t included in any vault. It should be ignored, but better safe than sorry.

Secondly, make a consideration whether you want to globally ignore the .obsidian folder or not. Depending on use case, these will hold loads of duplicates like commonly installed plugins, and so on. The downside to ignoring it, is that you’ll loose your configuration, and have to recreate it if starting a fresh.

Potential 26 vault use case mentioned here, under one master git-synced vault/repo, with each subvault having their own .obsidian folders inside.
I no longer use this method, though.

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