Multiple themes in the same vault


Can you use multiple themes in the same vault?

What I’m trying to do

I would like to work on different hobbies in the same vault, just to avoid having to switch back and forth.

Things I have tried

I placed the theme.css file of another theme in my snippets folder. Then created a new page and in the front matter put (cssclass: theme.css) but it didn’t work.

Any ideas?



It seems a little excessive to change the entire theme to describe a different hobby. And the cssClass field is used for specifying an extra class to be applied to that particular note.

What you could try though is to specify classes related to your hobbies, which then need to be set in cssClassfor every file/note in that hobby section.

And then make a snippet where you for each of those classes specify changes to the current theme, like changing background color, and changes like that.

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