Multiple Panes on Mobile for Android?


[ ] iOS
[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.12.10

Is it possible to open two panes or two different notes at the same time on the Android version of the mobile app? I did not see where I could pin a note, unless I am just missing it. I have seen some mention of drawing or pinning notes for iPad, but not for Android where I have a Samsung tablet with the S Pen.

Thanks for any thoughts you can throw my way.

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Try the vertical dots top right corner. I believe you will find the pin :round_pushpin: there.

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I do not see it there. I noticed the pin on YouTube videos, but they were using iOS.

I’m using Android and the vertical dots are in the top right corner.

Hmmmm…is the pin the right corner as well? Maybe I am really missing something here. I am going to check again right now.

I see the three dots, but I do not see the pin.

UPDATE: Found the problem…I was a few builds behind on my mobile app. I see the pin now!


I see the pin after tapping the three dots, but it functions as pin to right sidebar and not the note itself.

The pin option from the command palate works perfectly fine.

Am I missing something ?

App version is 1.0.4. Using Android 11