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When opening a vault that has a previous state of multiple notes open from desktop app, the mobile app is unusable. There is no way to manage or interact with the splits and it gets weirder with plugins like Andy Mode. I assume we should be testing defaults first so I am using a vault created on mobile with no further customisation.

Tapping the hamburgler at the top of a split-panel sometimes opens the right panel but sometimes it glitches out (flashes open and closes). When the menu does show, it looks like there is a z-index issue:

I can’t see a way to close a note.

Related post I found was this:

Do you sync your desktop vault with iCloud?

Then this should solve your issue:

This should make it possible to add .nosync to your .obsidian folder on desktop and then choose this as the vault config folder. iCloud won’t sync it to your mobile vault and you can have your .obsidian there. I suppose it will get synced to the desktop as well, but because you use another folder there, you should be safe.

If that answers your question, please mark this as the solution. Thank you!

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