Multiple font sizes in one document

Have not been able to figure out how to have two font sizes in the same document.
Basically the author of an older book from ‘Internet Archive’ has a paragraph in the typical manner but in the paragraph below it, where he fills out more detail, he uses a smaller font.

I work with a lot of older material and would like to keep the original format. Is this possible? I’ve tried making it a footnote, but need it to remain directly under the paragraph above.

What I’m trying to do

Essentially he is quoting the older book, and then writing new stuff, so I’d replicate that, and quote the older part, by prepending >, and normal text for the newer part.

This would also allow you to differentiate the styling, and if you want you could make the quoted text closer to the original.

Finally if you don’t want your quoted text to change elsewhere in your vault you could use cssClass: myCss in the frontmatter, and define a special style for this/these notes in the vault/.obsidian/snippets/myCss.css file.


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