Multiple Export Options

Hey everyone! Like most of you, Obsidian is one of the (if not THE) most valuable tools I use on a daily basis.

One of the limitations I run into a lot is being able to export what I write into different formats. For example: I would love to use Obsidian for work (and even bought a commercial license to use it), but most of the tools I use for work are Microsoft related, so they require a RTF format. I quickly stopped because I had to share the text into Bear, then export it again in rtf. I decided to just use Bear instead and cut out the middle step.

But, I’d love to use Obsidian for helping me think through work issues AND writing emails/documents/etc by exporting it directly from the tool.

What I am thinking about is something like Bear or Ulysses that allows you to export into different formats: plain text, rich text, html, .docx, etc. I know PDF is currently an option, so I’m hopeful other formats are, too.

Thanks for creating such an awesome tool!

I think, Pandoc can do the job. You will find it in the community plugins.

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@Denna, thank you! This should do what I need!

I believe this export function should be part of the core plugin. Even with the pandoc plugins … exports not always work and the whole process takes too much time.

Export needs to much easier, more flexible and much better!

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