Multi Note Link/Tag Editor

I know it is already easy to add tags and links and and somewhat easy to remove them from individual notes, but I imagine a feature with a pane that has an interface that makes it extremely easy to add and remove links and tags from many notes simultaneously.

The way I see it, you would select a group of notes, either manually or through search, and pane would display a faux note that would only show the tags and links that the selection share. It would be nice and tidy and organized alphabetically and such.

The user could then add and delete tags and links from this pane. Also, although originally conflicted about this, I do actually think that it would be good for the ability to edit link and tag names to be present here as well. All of this would be propagated through the rest of the vault with a commit button.

It would probably be smart to then let the user review the consequences of their next click in a summary of exactly what will happen, potentially offering them the chance to back up their vault before proceeding.

This would save so much time, and allow Obsidian to be used a bit more freely. Thanks.


I like your idea, but what’s the exact use case for it? Can you elaborate, please?

Where exactly would the tag and link be added in the note? At the beginning, at the end?

This sounds like a plugin to me.

I originally posted as a plugin, then changed it. You are right. I have trouble discerning the difference.

Coming from 3ds Max, where many features are just plugins fully implemented into the core software, it would be helpful for me to better understand what distinguishes the two.

Currently, my thought is, if it seems like it could be implemented as a plugin, it is a plugin, unless it would be better if implemented as a feature because it seems very integral and dependent upon other features. I may be wrong, but it just seems like some plugins would be shooting at a moving target, but I guess that is normal.

Thanks. I am still considering my exact use case and how and where the links and tags might be added. Honestly, I think there is room for a new feature or plugin that consolidates some chosen links and tags to be absent from the actual note but simply editable using this feature/plugin.

However, this would go against the own your own notes philosophy, so I am thinking there must be a way to tuck them away at the bottom, especially once there is folding in preview. Or maybe there could be some way to temporarily lock this list of links folded, which would make upper placement more desirable.