Multi-context logging of my day - dataviewjs, templater

I use daily notes extensively, and work on many different projects throughout my day and I follow a GTD-like, PARA-like setup. I’ve found it extremely helpful to have a ‘daily log’ of my work, however I don’t like that it quickly becomes disconnected from the area of responsibility (AoR), project, people, and other contexts relevant to a particular thing I did that day. I want to link all the things!

Enter templater + dataviewjs + hotkeys. I can now hit command-L and be prompted for the context(s). A separate, very short timestamped note is created to house the log text and links to the contextual pages. The “log note” basically says “This event just happened, and it is related to A, B, and C”. The one-line log then shows up magically at the bottom of each of the relevant notes A, B, and C via dataviewjs.

This example shows the results of running the templater script, with the log entry showing up on the bottom of the Daily Note (upper left), the Project (upper right), and a @Person notes (lower right). I’ve attached the templater script, which was influenced by some other poster’s contribution here (thanks for that). (2.3 KB)