Multi column sidebar

Hi, This is a quality of life request to add a little more versatility to the UI. Have the sidebar take advantage of widescreens.

Currently we can tab panels or stack panels in the sidebar. Provide the option to have multiple columns as well.

Currently we can use multiple editor windows in column or row configs. Having the sidebar contain multiple columns means you can have more info displayed about the current editor (links/tag). Also you can collapse it or hide it easier.

For anyone with a widescreen or ultra-wide monitor this could be a better use of space.


I second this not-too-old feature request!
My usage: to see at a glance the local graph, the matrix view from the Breadcrumb plugin, the backlink pane and the Graph Analyiss plugin pane. That side of the screen would serve as an information-packed hub.

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I third this request.

Layed what I thought would be cool here:

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