Moving the file explorer to the right, and justifying the "readable" editor

What I’m trying to do

  1. I am used to vscode and having my file structure to the right of the screen, so that when I show/hide it (the sidebar, that is), it doesn’t make the open windows jump around. Can this be mimicked?

  2. I like the “readable line length” option, but I dislike that if I have a single open file it is horizontally centered. I find it natural to instead have the “readable line length” window be justified to the left. Is this possible?

Things I have tried

  • No obvious solution from asking google or chatGPT. I was offered some css snippets that did nothing. I am thinking my problems might not be css-problems.
  1. You can click and drag the ‘Files’, ‘Search’, and ‘Bookmarks’ buttons at the top over to the right sidebar. You might have to shift some things around over there, but it’ll work just fine

  2. You can use the following css snippet to remove the left margin and make the text left justified (works in live-preview and reading modes)

left-justified.css (374 Bytes)

	left-justified-main-w.css snippet
	Remove the left margin when 'readable-line-width' is enabled,
	effectively left justifying the text.
	2023-07-13 Alex Nordstrom (mr_abomination)
*/ .cm-sizer, .markdown-preview-sizer {
  margin-left: 0px !important;


Thank you. #1 worked perfectly. #2 I’m having no luck with.

I want to add that #2 mysteriously started working after a few restarts, and switching from the default theme. A conundrum. But doubly thank you mr_abomination.

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