Moving the collapse arrow to the right in the outline so headers on the same level have the same horizontal alignment

More of a change request than a feature request. I searched and didn’t find anything similar but this is my very first post, sorry if there was already a demand for this or if it’s in the wrong category.

A few details

The title combined to my screenshot should say it all. It would make the outline much clearer at a glance in my opinion.


Perhaps the same as (or akin to) this …

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Thanks ! :slight_smile:

And thank you, yes, that seems to be exactly it.

Know whether I should delete my post? Or if it’s better to mark it as resolved and maybe add the link in my original post?

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I would leave it as the forum software will see the link above and the mods can merge if they think it necessary. All helps to raise the issue and help the community. :grinning:

Good weekend!

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