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Hi there, so I am currently using a temporary laptop that I will need to return but I would like to use Obsidian on it. I’ll be using this laptop for the next few months so what I want to avoid is setting up Obsidian exactly the way I like with themes, hotkeys and plugins only to have to start setting up everything again when I get my new laptop.

So, my question is: if I was to copy over the local Obsidian folder from my temporary laptop to my new laptop and then open this as a vault in Obsidian, will this transfer over all the customisations that have I have made (e.g. hotkeys, plugins etc.).


Make sure - when copying your vault - to include the hidden .obsidian folder. It should then include all your customisations.


AFAIK, yes it will work completely fine. Your entire config stores inside .obsidian folder which you can find using file explorer in root of your vault. There is separate files for plugins, hotkeys, etc.

It should be fine, just do not forget to transfer this folder alongside your vault.


Thanks @alltagsverstand and @Leniorko!

@Leniorko - just to confirm, is that screenshot the contents of the .obsidian folder?

Yes, it is

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Lovely, thanks for your help!

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