Moving my MD files from Devonthink to obsidian, looking for ways to sort notes by tags, attributes etc

Hi all

so i want to move most of my MD files (especially my food cookbook :slight_smile: ) from Devonthink (which i love but MD support is rudimentary) to obsidian which seems amazing after a few days of use.

one of the things i love in Devonthink is the ability to see the files in a table form and quick sort files by state, label, priority, tags etc.

this is especially great for my cooking recipes, ie:

i can see the label the tags etc and quick pressing a column can sort etc

i know there is a dataview plugin which is nice but it cant sort the columns on the fly by pressing and visually dosent look as nice

im really interested to hear the community and see how people (if they do) address this or if they have other suggestions to manage MD file and more in particular how to manage a cookbook with attributes for each note (rating, tags etc )

thx so much in advance!


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