Moving image to another folder moves the file it image was opened from instead

I’m not sure if others have had the same issue since I wasn’t able to find a similar bug report, but I’ve had this issue where if I open a link to an image to a new pane with a hotkey, and then try to move the image file to another folder using the command palette, Obsidian will want to move the original file the image is embedded in instead.

This doesn’t happen if I use my mouse to access the “move file to another folder” button in the burger menu. In fact once I do so the behaviour rectifies itself.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Copy and Paste an image into a new file to embed it. (optional)
  2. Use hotkey to open the image into a new pane (consistent starting point to trigger the bug)
  3. Access the command palette, search and select for the “move file to another folder” command.
  4. Move file to the root folder (the folder doesn’t really matter).
  5. Check to see which file was moved.

Expected result

I expected for the image to be moved to the root folder.

Actual result

What happens is the original note with the embedded image is found in the root folder instead.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.15

Additional Info

I work with the Obsidian Tabs & Pane Relief plugin, but turning both plugins off completely has the same result.

Thanks. The editor pane is wrongly maintaining focus.

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