Moved files to new Macbook and only file titles show up, no content

What I’m trying to do

I moved from one MacBook to another with Time Machine. All of the .md files are in the proper folder and I can see the contents in the md files.

But in Obsidian, only the title appears. When I do a search, the titles appear but none of the files contain any of the text.

Once I open the .md file in TextEdit, it appears in Obsidian correctly.

Also, my books marks have all disappeared.

Things I have tried

  • I’ve deleted and reinstalled Obsidian
  • I’ve tried clicking on the areas where the text would normally appear, nothing happens.
  • As mentioned above, when I open the .md file from Finder in TextEdit, it then appears in Obsidian normally.
  • I checked on both my old and new MacBooks and the file ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian doesn’t appear in either. It may be hidden, but

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