Move several linked notes to a desired folder

Use case or problem

I am using Obsidian to manage project notes, which may only be relevant to the current project. When the project is completed, it would be desired to archive the project notes linked to the project page, say Project For instance, the unused (for the future) project notes may be moved/archived to certain folders such that one can easily exclude those folders from the search query and, more importantly, from the graph view.

Proposed solution

To be able to move/archive certain notes linked in Project, the desired solutions may be as follows:

  • Right click a note link, and there would be an option to move the linked note to a desired folder
  • Select several note links (they may be placed in a list), right click the selected note links, and there would be an option to move all the linked notes to a desired folder.
  • Select multiple lines of texts (they may contain several note links), right click the selected texts, and there would be an option to move all the linked notes included in the selected texts to a desired folder.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I have to use the following steps to move a single linked note to the desired folder:

  • Click the linked note to open it in a new pane
  • Use the Move file to option to move it to the desired folder

You can drag and drop or right-click and ‘Move’ files in the ‘folder view’ of the left pane… does that not give you what you are asking for?

Yes, the suggested methods work (efficiently) if one wants to move a few notes to a different folder. However, in the following cases, the methods may not be very efficient:

  • The notes linked in Project are located in the same folder but one cannot select all of them at once
  • The notes linked in Project are located different (sub-)folders

Therefore, it would be great if one can move several linked notes at once, especially considering that there might be several projects.

Ah, gotcha.

I’ve noticed the inability (air at least I haven’t figured out how) to select random notes on a Mac.

You can shift-click to get a range if they are adjacent, but the normal command-click to get random notes is overridden by the ‘open in new pane’ function. I might could change that, not sure.

shift-click to select a range seems to work, but then right-click to move only moves the file you right-click on, not the range you just selected. That seems like a bug to me.

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I would like to support this feature request too. I tried to work with MOC only but I find myself feeling more comfortable to have an additional folder structure to access a manageable closed subset of MD files I am focusing / working on.
It would be really helpful to be able to quick collect a subset of linked notes to organize them in the folder structure.