"Move row" and "Move line" commands should interact more cleanly in Live Preview mode

Use case or problem

The “Move line down” command in 1.5.0 (insider build) does not apply to table rows in Live Preview mode. Only “Table: Move row down” will move a row down. (Ditto for the up equivalents.)

These operations feel very similar. It’s surprising when you try to, e.g., use “Move line down” while in a table but nothing happens, especially when using a hotkey.

Double-binding a hotkey for both line down and row down also doesn’t seem to work.

Proposed solution

“Move line down” could work on table rows in Live Preview. Likewise for “Move line up”. That would make Live Preview consistent with source mode.

It may be that this behavior is undesirable for some reason. (Some users may want to keep the two operations separate.) An alternative solution that keeps things flexible could be to allow “Move line down” and “Table: Move row down” to both be mapped to the same hotkey. In 1.5.0 they’re marked as conflicting if they have the same key, even though the operations are mutually exclusive, since line movement never applies to rows, and row movement never applies outside of previewed tables.

Current workaround (optional)

The only sort-of workaround is to use separate hotkeys, but it isn’t really a workaround.

Related feature requests (optional)

I just installed 1.5.3 and was playing with the new tables. This is exactly the feature I came here to request before seeing this post.