Move Panes into the Sidebar?

How do I move the file explorer, search, and starred panes into the leftmost sidebar? I’m going crazy. I can see that’s it’s possible in the theme previews. I know how to drag them around to split them. I’ve searched for everything I can think of.

You need version 0.7.0 upwards.
Then just grab the icon/tab of the panel you want to move, and drag it around. The backlinks panel has a chain-icon for dragging.

I’m running 0.7.3 and I can drag the panels around but I can’t completely “hide” them in the sidebar so they’re just icons.

If you have another tab, open the other tab so your tab is hidden. To collapse the entire sidebar, use the arrow buttons on the ribbon.

I think there’s some confusion about what I’m asking for. Unless I’m the confused one. Which is entirely possible haha.

I don’t think what you’re asking for is possible. That far left sidebar is only used for application icons. Enabling some plugins will add additional icons to it. For example, enabling Daily Notes will add a Daily note icon.

I saw it in the previews for multiple themes like the one shown there. Seems weird to go out of the way to mock it up for the theme preview if it’s not possible.

It was like that before 0.7.3, so it wasn’t mocked up if I understood you correctly, the screenshots are merely out of date.

I hope that helps!

I see. So it’s no longer an option?

No, it’s not an option.