Move line up / down including "children"

Use case or problem

When I’m using the “Move line up” and “Move line down” commands on a bullet point line, I would expect the (indented) “children” of that line to move together with their parent line. Currently the parent-child relationship is getting dissolved by these commands.

Proposed solution

See above.

Current workaround (optional)

Select multiple lines including parent and children before executing the “Move line up/down” command.

Related feature requests (optional)


Have you checked out the outliner plugin?

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Hi Austin, the outliner plugin does the trick for me. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Weird … the outliner plug-in doesn’t seem to help for me … I still have bullets moving up and down independently of their children!

TheHunch, did you use the standard “Move line down” / “Move line up” commands or the plugin-specific shortcuts? (Ctrl-Shift-↑ and Ctrl-Shift-↓)

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