Move Cursor Inside Embed After Dragging in Image

Use case or problem

As a student, I embed lots of images within my notes, and do a lot of screenshotting and dragging and dropping into obsidian. A small QOL feature would be to move the cursor inside the ending brackets once (a) an image has been dragged in, or (b) an image has been embedded by name.

Proposed solution

When an image is dragged in or embedded currently, the cursor is placed like so:

![[image_name.png]] |

I often need to resize images, as they come in at their default resolution too large, so it’s fairly annoying to constantly have to navigate back into the brackets to add those parameters.

I’d propose that if an image is embedded, the cursor be automatically moved like so:
(spaces added for readability)

![[image_name.png | ]]

to allow for quick resizing.

Related feature requests (optional)

Ideally image embedding, resizing, and styling would be a cleaner process overall, but that falls more into the plugin side and I don’t think is the goal of the main development (as it would be extending markdown)