Move attachment with notes

Currently (v.0.11.0) in the options, if I set “Default location for new attachments” to “In subfolder under current folder” and “Subfolder name” to “attachments”, any note attachments (i.e. figures, PDFs …) will be automatically stored at “attachments” folder at the same level where the note is created.

However, at most of the time, I will first start my note at some location (i.e. say inbox) and later on moved to some other better categorized path. Even the note can be moved easily, the attachments are not.

Is it possible for the tool to automatically move the attachments any time the note itself is moved? So that I can always easily locate / maintain the attachments and note in the Finder.

For example, if my note name AAA, the attachments are always at AAA_attachments folder at same level. If I move the note from the sidebar, the attachments folder moves automatically in background.


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