Move all referenced images from note to vault

What I’m trying to do

I have copied my old 80-page note from Word to Obsidian which contains, comments and images. I literally used ctrl+A and paste. It actually pasted pretty well. Formatting like headers, and pictures pasted great (much better results than using pandoc and other MD converstions). However, although the pictures display in the note, they a linked to my local drive. I would like Obsidian to copy them instead, so I can see them on my phone device as well.

Things I have tried

Searched internet for solutions.

If I understand your problem correctly, I would recommend looking into the Local Images Plus community plugin. It’s designed to take links to external assets (e.g. on your local drive or from the web) and replace those links with locally downloaded attachments in your vault.

For example, I use Local Images Plus with the MarkDownload Safari extension to clip web pages:

  1. Use MarkDownload to retrieve a web page as an .md file
  2. Drag and drop that file into Obsidian
  3. Use Local Images plugin to convert the assets (mostly images) into local attachments.

Thanks. I actually found a solution without a plug in. I followed the link. The pasted images were automatically put into a temp folder in appdata/local. I just copied all the images into my Vault and mass Find Replace the links.

Worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Previously, I used pandoc which extracted images and made MD file. Didn’t like that at all. The copy paste did much better job copying tables and formatting in general.

Not sure why copy paste from world gets such slack. It did much better job than pandoc

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