Mouseover preview for backlinks

The snippet of text displayed under each backlink is both too short and clutters the display.

I would much prefer to reformat backlinks as simply titles (as the newest Search update in 0.8.0 does) with the option to expand them.

Better yet would be to format them similarly to inline text links (as they are the same concept after all), with a mouseover opening a preview of the note, just like in Preview mode.


I like the “just headers that can be expanded” idea, but the mouse-over might be a bit too minimal. Having the popups flash up constantly when you’re just scrolling down could be straining on the eyes.

Maybe have it work like the links in editor mode, that you can see if you have Ctrl pressed.


Yes please! +1

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IMHO, the issue with pop-up flashing during scrolling can be easily avoided.

For example:

  • When scroll-bar of backlinks-pane is dragged (with left mouse button pressed) or when mouse-wheel is turned, then: close pop-up preview and temporarily block the ability to show pop-up preview.
  • When during last 0.3 seconds:
    • mouse left button did not continue to be pressed after dragging scroll-bar
    • and
    • mouse-wheel did not turn,
    • then unblock the ability to show pop-up preview.
  • During the ability to show pop-up preview is not blocked:
    when mouse cursor moves and then is located above the same link for 0.2 seconds,
    then show pop-up preview.

I think this is implemented?