Mouse hotkeys

I can’t bind hotkeys to additional mouse buttons.

(Additional being Mouse 4, 5 etc., button codes after left, right and middle click).

Navigate back and Navigate forward are apparently already bound to Mouse 4/5 (which seems to have been an issue), the same way its done in browsers and IDEs I know, but this is not noted in the hotkey settings and trying to bind anything to these keys just navigates notes in the background.

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You could try the following:

Current (potential) workaround:

I do not know how these buttons are supposed to be named in config file.
So I would do the following:
In AutoHotkey:

#IfWinActive ahk_exe Obsidian.exe

Then you can assign F13 and F14 to Obsidian using the workaround described in Unable to set a hotkey to F1 (post #3).

Note: I do not have multibutton mouse to test with so I actually remapped another key to F13 and it worked. Let me now if it works also with real mouse buttons.

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