More visually distinct folded/unfolded marks

Folding marks in Editor: Small triangles ▾ ▸ are not easily distinguishable visually. Show U+25B6 (or U+25C9 ◉) Instead of U+25B8 for folded items. Unfolded items can keep using U+25BE . Size difference wil make it easy to distinguish ▶ ▾ by peripheral vision, larger symbol suggest that there is something more in it.


Perhaps that can be a preference - some users might find the larger disclosure triangles too visually intrusive, while some find the smaller ones not visible enough…

CSS solution for edit mode:

/* Make folding mark triangle bigger for folded sections */
/* in edit mode "▸" → "▶" */
.CodeMirror-foldgutter-folded:after {
    content: "\25B6";
/* in rendered (preview) mode - to be implemented yet (by someone who knows css) */
/* ... */
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