More right click options to open folders in external programs


Could you try turning on the “Open in default app” plugin and see if that satisfies your need? If so I’ll move this to archive. Thanks!

@Silver “Open in default app” is perfect. thanks.

I still would like to open the whole folder in explorer. (Having that option would be nice.)

Thanks for the clarification, I’ve edited the title to narrow it down to folder instead.

Thanks for posting the feature request!

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I want obsidian link to a folder on my pc.
So, click that link and the folder open in windows explorer.
Is this possible?

Does e.g. [my folder](file:///C/Users/shashank/Desktop/my%20folder) work? (that’s how I do it on macOS, but I think it works on Windows too. Make sure to convert spaces to %20 (and there are probably other chars that need to be urlencoded as well).

Also, I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere a user posted an extension for Windows that let you right click a folder in Explorer and grab an “Obsidian URL” for it. I’ll see if I can find that again.

edit: yes here it is: Allow to open local file

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