More node size differentiation in the graph view based on the number of links a node has

The graph view in Obsidian is so good it’s become my preferred way of browsing through my notes, especially when I want to have a birds-eye-view of my Zettelkasten.

However, it would be so much better if there was more differentiation in node sizes, so I could easily see which notes have more connections than others. I don’t have that many notes in my Zettelkasten yet, but right now all the nodes in my graph look the same size, except for the one that has 14 connections (currently the note with the highest number of links). Except for that one, all the other nodes look the same size, no matter whether they have just 1 link or 8.

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If you go to Display>Node Size in graph view, and increase it, the difference in node size becomes more obvious.

I hope that helps some.

Moving this to #resolved-help—see @I-d-as’s advice! If you still think more tools for differentiation are required, reply with details about how to implement this with respect to the current graph display settings.