More intuitive behavior when opening note in new panel

Hello! I present a suggestion thanking your opinions or support

Use case or problem

I am a keyboard lover. When I'm in the editor and I come across a link that I want to edit, I use Ctrl + Alt + Enter.With this I get a new note panel but a problem happens: the panel is not in focus. Logic tells me that for that editing flow to be excitingly fluid and productive, that new dashboard must be focused ready to write.

Proposed solution

Simply that links in new panels opened from the focus editor right when you open them. I don't know if it is beneficial for mouse lovers Ctrl - Left Click as well.

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Current workaround:

At least in Andy mode, new pane opens adjacent to active pane on right side so command “Focus on pane to the right” can be used.
AutoHotkey allows to combine opening and refocusing into one hotkey.

I have effectively mapped a keyboard shortcut to manually focus panels to the right, left, up and down. However, this is not the topic of the problem.

I’ll try that Andy Mode Plugin you tell me to see what it is.

The point is that when you open a panel, logically it should focus automatically, ready to make edits.

Excuse me, could you detail the way to make it similar with AutoHotKey?