More intelligent customization of connection color of graph

for example I hope I can change the color of incoming links and outcoming links in the local graph view. That could make it much more useful


I have a simple suggestion. Why don’t the arrows connecting the files have several different colors and several sizes. Let it be only three volumes (three levels). This helps to draw a better and deeper illustration of the topics and issues we are trying to study.

Coloured graph links based on activity

It would be cool in the graph view to have an option for the link line colour to be tied to the activity. Either overall times that link has been clicked or used or the activity in the past 30 days. Would be super useful for seeing the most important areas and links and also for people like me who work on projects linking to multiple days would be great to see where the activity in the last 30 days have been put towards.


I like the idea, it can be useful for a visual representation of my activity and areas of current interests. Like glowing of active areas of a brain on a scan.

I also wish to animate the links like small electrons are moving from one node to another. But I guess it would use memory for nothing because it would be just for fun

Hope you don’t mind, I merged these. They seem very similar. Coloring the graph links based on different criteria like number of links, manually with tags or groups, keywords, activity, etc.

Also relevant similar threads for more info:

And one based on node size: Allow to Configure How Node-Size is Calculated

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color linking would solve what I’m trying to do here