More clear window focus

The new frameless look in 0.8.13, with Obsidian rendering its own window title bar, looks great! However I’m finding it makes it difficult to determine whether or not the window has focus, compared to Windows which colors the top bar of a focused window; Obsidian doesn’t seem to have any visual distinction anymore.

This distinction is especially important for me in a note-taking app, since a typical setup for me is a full-screen video lecture on one monitor and Obsidian on the other, neither of which now shows window focus so I have to guess or remember which application I will affect when I press a key.

Please update the new design to indicate in some way whether or not the window is active. I had hoped to do this myself, since the title bar is now CSS stylable, but CSS doesn’t seem to be able to style based on window focus, so I think this is something that has to happen on your end.


Yes, this is a good idea. Focus is not visually very salient.