More accessible placement options for tooltips, hover popover-texts, and graph-node note title text so they are not partially covered by mouse pointer

Use case or problem:

Even a moderately or normal-sized mouse-pointer will block some of the text of some tooltips, hover popover text and graph-node note title texts so they are partially covered by the mouse pointer when placed or popping up below the mouse pointer by default. This makes part of their text difficult to read when partially obscured by the mouse pointer. Thankfully this is not an issue for the side-menu items and buttons where the tooltips pop to the right. Also notable is that this is an ever bigger accessibility issue for anyone with poor eyesight or using a larger monitor further from face and may have the mouse-pointer jacked up to largest possible size…

Proposed solution

Allow at least an option in appearance or other appropriate menus to position text/tooltips above rather than below buttons or graph-nodes, especially on hover/popover… (and consider making this the default option!). Placing them to the right or left (wherever there is more space) instead of below would also work, and would keep all tooltips/popovers neatly still within the overall application window.

Alternatively, the mouse pointer could also perhaps be styled as semitransparent on hover to make text below it readable (or have an optional setting to make that the case), but this seems to me like it would be inferior UI/UX to the above option just changing the text position to above the mouse-pointer. I do think it would adequately solve the issue though, but some people might dislike it and lose track of where the pointer is before moving it again.

Current workaround:

relatively complex styling hacks to customize keyframe animations of tooltips to transform them to desired positions or else simply being frustrated guessing the text covered by the pointer on hover from surrounding context clues or by memorizing what the button icon is/does…

+1 for this. Since the tips pop below what you point at, they’re almost always covered by the mouse pointer.
Really detracts from the Graph view.