Moonlander Users Local 720 (ErgodoxEZ also welcome)

Hi Moonwalkers,

Are any of you coming up with any fancy tricks to make Obsidian more tailored to you? I’ve definitely been using keybinds for commands using the factory-default Hyper and Meh keys. I’m still tuning and adjusting my layouts, only had it for two weeks so I’m definitely not pushing 130wpm like on my clickity-crack-slam mechanical.

I also have a Kinesis Freestyle keyboard and tent-kit but it’s been trapped in my office for 15 months. The Freestyle is much easier to become proficient but the Moonlander and ErgoDox EZ definitely have much more potential. If the Moonwalker and ErgoDox are too weird for you and you still want a comfortable keyboard those Kinesis Freestyles are a good gateway keyboard :wink:

for info on the Moonlander keyboard and it’s family members:

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It would help to know what the following are:

  • Moonlander
  • Local 720
  • Ergodox EZ
  • Kinesis Freestyle

Keyboards, I assume? If so, for Windows, MacOS, Linux? Or other special use cases?

(Hint: Never assume others have the same special knowledge you have. :wink: )

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thanks for the reminder; i totally steamrolled through that post too quickly and hope it’s clearer now! the local 720 thing is just a reference to a labor union and 720 just cuz 2021-07-20, maybe it’s a dumb joke but i feel like we should know each other since what brought many to Obsidian probably has some crossover.

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Thanks for clarifying and even a link! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using an ErgoDox EZ for a while now but have moved away from using the hyper/meh keys for app-specific commands. Instead, I mostly save them for global hotkeys, and use control+command for per-app hotkeys. Also helps with the fact that I use a Kinesis Advantage2 at work, which lacks the hyper/meh keys. Interested to see what clever uses others are finding for their fancy keyboards!

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i travel between two residences and i love that the Moonlander folds up but i am probably going to end up with another one or an ErgoDox EZ :man_facepalming: :joy:

i am thinking about using hold/double tapdance more, especially for hopping around in notes. i’m currently figuring out what to use instead of Slated in my vaults, i need to start keeping a list of things i wish were more accessible maybe, then run down that list. i’m still not sure i can reduce spacebar to one thumb-cluster button on the left!