Modules/Blocks to allow for more features

Hi, as a code-illiterate user, perhaps it would be extremely difficult or not possible to make this work, but I feel like it’s something that may be achievable down the road as there are already features within Obsidian that are performing parts of what I would like.

If each line within the notes could function as a block/module, similar to how links work within the [[ ]], and they interacted in a similar way, it could allow for a lot more features; similar to some of Roam’s functions with their blocks.

My hope is, that each line could be a block, and made draggable, and if you just drag a block onto another note, it would simply copy the full block into the other note.
And if you were to press a hotkey and drag, then it could replicate the block into the other note, and function the way [[links]] work. By that, I mean, if anything within that block were to be changed, any linked blocks in other notes would also be changed, just like with how links respond to note titles being changed.

(Perhaps linked blocks could have a slightly different background colour, or have some indicator on the side to note that it is linked)

(Also, I don’t mean transclusion, as I’ve tried playing around with that feature in Roam and I found it was to finicky; if you were to select the transcluded block e.g. to tick off a box, it would take you to the original note with that block and you couldn’t directly effect the transcluded block) - although if transclusion is possible and my idea isn’t, it would still be nice to at least have transclusion

This would allow for Obsidian to be used as a great productivity management tool, so that if you create a task in one note, but would like to assign it to a specific day’s journal, and once you check it off in that day, it would also tick it off in the other linked block.

Having these blocks could also allow for more finite searches using tags (or links as well), as we could also filter searches. Right now with everything in a note being searched, it would be difficult for filters to be applied accurately.
But if we’re searching within blocks, then you could use filters to exclude certain tags and see all blocks that meet the specific criteria.

I am fully prepared that this is an idea that isn’t realistic and will not be possible with Obsidian, but here’s to my hope that all you smart people may make it happen one day and let me completely fall in love with this app and use it for everything! <3


Check out Quiver

It makes blocks of text. I like where you’re going with the ideas of blocks/modules. Ultimately,t he question is, what is the level of granularity we want? A unique feature of Roam is that the atomic unit is the bullet, which makes everything linkable to basically the sentence level. Whereas with Obsidian, we can link to files (pages), and now with the header link feature, we can link to headers. That’s an improvement.

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The blocks in Quiver are great for editing. The downside is that the native file format is not Markdown and I guess it will be hard to this kind of modularization with a text-only format. One way would be to have one block per file but virtually merge notes so you can several blocks/files as if it was one.

Quiver also does not let you link to blocks but just files.