Modifying page name breaks internal links of headings

Hello dear Obsidian Forum

Here is an issue / bug that I found:

Usually, when a page is linked and referenced on another pages (by being mentioned as [[reference]])
When the name of the referenced page is changed, the links of said reference are updated, thus kept and not broken.

But when the reference is in a title, and this title is embedded, for example


and said heading is embedded or linked on another page, for example
and later I change the name of “subject” to “subject1”, the heading updates to


while the embedded heading still references to
thus breaking the link.

When working with literature, usually I create content under a heading of a subject, then embedding the underlying content into a permanent note of the subject. From time to time, it becomes necessary to change the name of the permanent note, which breaks all embedded headings within the permanent note where the title is also an internal link.

Would it be possible to update internal links that refer to headings, which to also internal links when the page name is modified?

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Unfortunately, I think this has already been debated, and devs said that they wouldn’t implement the automatic renaming in that case for performance reasons.
You should rename your heading using the right click method, and then it will work.


Thanks Limezy for the reply,
Care to elaborate more about the right click method or some keywords I can search for?

Sure. Pretty straightforward ; in edit mode, right click anywhere on your heading, and then click on “Rename this heading”

You’ll get a prompt, pre-filled with your current heading name, for you to change.
Once done, all links to that heading will be properly updated.

Not as good for the flow and clearly not natural given that you can rename your heading on the fly, but that’s sadly all we will get for the core.


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