Modify color variables in the Minimal theme

What I’m trying to do

I really enjoy @kepano’s Minimal theme. I’d like to change the color used for --text-faint that is a bit too dark for me. I’m not that familiar with color variables, so I’m unsure how to modify this. I’d appreciate some pointers.

Things I have tried

I tried adding the following to my custom.css file, and it didn’t seem to work:

.theme-light.minimal-light-contrast, .theme-light.minimal-light-contrast .titlebar, .theme-light.minimal-light-contrast .workspace-ribbon.mod-left:not(.is-collapsed), .theme-light.minimal-light-contrast .mod-left-split, .theme-light.minimal-light-contrast.minimal-status-off .status-bar, .workspace-drawer.mod-left, .excalidraw.theme--dark, .theme-dark {
    --text-faint: hsl(var(--base-h),var(--base-s),calc(var(--base-d) + 40%)) !important;

I tried with and without the !important declaration (I prefer not to use this override generally, though).

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I have similar questions, and asked here:

… and no replies.

I do know my way around CSS. I do NOT know how to adapt the CSS within obsidian land once a theme is in use. It doesn’t seem to be so straightforward.

I solved my problem when I realized that “reading mode” and “source mode” apply different styles. “preview mode” yet another one. All my changes were there only in “reading mode”.

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