MOC Dataview Query for checking all changes on notes in a vault

I have a vault of 400+ notes. I want to create an MOC wherein it will have a dataview that shows which notes were changed and then make it updated daily. Will that be possible? And how do i code it in? I am particularly new in this, any help will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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There exists a plugin called Vault Changelog, which can keep track of changed files as they keep changing, you might want to look into that.

Youโ€™ve also got an option to use dataview to list files related to their latest modification time, see file.mday and file.mtime from Implicit fields.

Such a query will however keep updating to show current information as to which have been modified according to your query specification. Put another way, if you want a list in your daily note to list which files was changed on that particular date, you need to persist/save the query result into that daily note. Otherwise the query will just keep showing the latest modification, and if you modify the same file more than once, itโ€™ll only show the latest modification time.

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