MOC and organizing expanded and connected knowledge

I’ve been on the eternal struggle to find the perfect task+knowledge management system. Without too much preamble to my actual question, Obsidian is customizable enough that when I’m bored and need to productively procrastinate it’s the perfect tool, and conversely when I’m too overwhelmed to be functional its just as effective. I’m grateful for it.

I’m in a PhD program that has both rigorous classes and high research expectations. Everything is at the very least tangentially connected, and being forced to actively make those connections has added much ease into my workflow.

Currently, each of my classes has a folder where I put class and reading notes. My goal is to make an MOC for each class where I can dump all of my linked topics (created and yet to be created) with the purpose of being able to go back and make the connections, as well as organize hierarchical concepts. For example, I will have a topic such as “Data Quality”, and I want to put all the related linked notes to the concept listed under that heading in my MOC.

Is there a way to do this in a better way than manually entering them? I currently am just running a dataview query on each of the class notes to just dump them into the MOC, which is nice but not very organized.

I’m also fully willing to change my approach- I appreciate how much this community pushes me to rethink my systems in a fundamental way.


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I really wish someone created or they had a feature for a automatically generated table of contents similar to how Zettelkasten^3 has, where it allows you to create a dynamic table of contents.

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So I found a work-around through using Breadcrumbs. It’s not automatic as far as I know, but to update it is much much easier than if I entered them on my own.