Mobile - Sidebar contents disappear after changing workspace

I’m still having the issue where my sidebar contents (calendar, File browser, etc) disappear after changing workspaces. Closing and reopening brings them back. This was reported and fixed several releases ago, but somewhere along the way it came back

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Can you post a screen recording with default theme and no thirdparty plugins?

Same problem here on iPadOS 14.7.1 and latest Obsidian Mobile-App. I don‘t use any themes, css-snippets or external plugins.


Similar here. I can see the folder list and can pull open the backlinks pane, but the calendar doesn’t show up. I can see “Calendar: Open Weekly Note” and “Calendar: Reveal active note” in the command pallet, but that’s it.

I’m getting this behavior on an Android phone and tablet, latest Obsidian app. No custom css or themes, no third party plugins (or any other community plugins), just plain vanilla.

I am also getting this behavior. 1.0.5 version on iOS 15.3.

Me too. I can only use default sidebars on mobile, anything else shows up blank.

I’m still having this problem. Have to close and re-open the Obsidian app for the sidebar to reappear. I use an Android tablet.