[Mobile] Script to sync Vault to iCloud


[x] iOS

Obsidian Mobile version: N/A

I created a set of scripts that can be used to sync a local vault to iCloud and back. Those scripts are at:

A few notes

  • You will already need to have the mobile app installed and configured, so that the Obsidian folder has been created in iCloud.
  • When the script that syncs to iCloud is run, the files (and directories) in your vault will be synced to the iCloud directory on your Mac, however there will be a delay before those files make it onto your Apple device(s).
  • Very large vaults can crash the mobile app. The developers are aware.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions!


Thanks! Works like a charm. This really helped me.

It’s pretty easy to follow your instructions but the only suggestion I would make is to clarify the first argument to the rsync upload script. The README says:

./rsync-obsidian-to-icloud.sh ./VAULTNAME VAULTNAME_IN_ICLOUD

It was not clear to me at first that the ./VAULTNAME argument should be the full path to my Obsidian vault. Well, it was easy to figure out. Maybe change that to /path/to/VAULTNAME ?

This was a life saver. Nicely written scripts. The returned alias is a nice touch.