Mobile Navigation not visible


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.40

On the latest version (across all platforms) and the new mobile navigation bar is not visible, using the default theme, and icons on the left ribbon are not visible on the mobile version.

This looks to be related to the higher DPI setting on my android phone, which is currently at 652dpi, and if I go into developer options and lower that to 500, the mobile toolbar is visible.

If we could have a toggle in settings to activate the mobile navigation regardless of size on the mobile applications this would be highly preferred.

Edit: the cut off point is somewhere between 550 and 600 dpi.

Something I noticed today: If I position my phone into landscape mode then the new navigation bar makes an appearance, but otherwise does not (/disappears) in standard portrait mode.

If the screen size is triggering Obsidian’s desktop mode, the icons should be visible when you open the left sidebar, and you should be able to pin the sidebars.

This is not ideal when using on a mobile device (the bottom bar is very nice!)

The issue is when the screen size height reaches a certain maximum. If I place the app into a freeform format then I can see the bar.

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