Mobile: Folder Wrangling

Use case or problem

We should be able to mix and match vaults. If I want to combine two vaults, I can’t on mobile. Vaults (folders) aren’t able to be organized under each other. This makes it difficult when I’m trying to organize my notes and connect them.

On the computer, I can directly put folders (vaults) under other folders outside of Obsidian. For those of us who have many folders, it is easier to move folders in the IOS system because the Obsidian system is predicated off one vault.

This problem is greatly lessened by Obsidian sync. I can move and wrangle my folders into the right locations on the computer. However, on mobile I would really like to be able to do that.

Proposed solution

Create a panel or let us access the folder system where all our files are stored. We can move folders to our delight in that panel.

Current workaround (optional)

Obsidian sync. However with so many folders, it can become burdensome to move folders around just for Obsidian mobile to work how we want it to.

For example, sometimes we want to see connections between two academic class folders… however, we can’t combine two vaults with the current Obsidian sync

Related feature requests (optional)

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Never mind. You can mess with your folders in Obsidian using the Apple UI if you just go to your locally stored files. Obsidian has a sandboxed folder that we can play around in. Problem solved.

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